Propane Cylinder/Tank Exchange

Valley Wide Cooperative takes pride in its propane employees and customers. We offer over 20 propane locations with 86 employees who are excited to serve you! Customer service is our number one priority, and our trained personnel are available 24/7 to serve all your propane emergency needs. As the largest propane supplier in the state of Idaho, we are ready to serve you.

Valley Wide Cooperative Energy has competitive pricing, and our excellent customer service sets us apart from our competitors. Valley Wide Cooperative’s employees are trained with the latest knowledge to best serve you.

Buy New, Exchange, or Refill Your Propane Cylinder/Tank!

Where to Buy Propane Cylinder/Tanks?

With our 18 Valley wide Cooperative Propane facilities and constantly growing number of tank exchange retailers you wont have to look very far to find your local VWC Propane Cylinder/Tank Exchange Location.


How to Exchange your Propane Cylinder/Tank?

Do you need propane for your grill, firepit, patio heater, or other propane appliance?

Valley Wide Cooperative Energy has you covered!

Get you new propane tank easy, fast, and convenient with Valley Wide Cooperative’s Cylinder/Tank Exchange Program.

How To Exchange

Do you have an empty cylinder/tank to exchange?

If you do just simply take your cylinder/tank to one of our many participating dealers and follow these steps.

  • Set cylinder/tank next to the display
  • See the casher and pay the exchange fee and they will exchange the cylinders/tanks.
  • Enjoy the use of you new Valley Wide Cooperative Propane cylinder/tank

Don’t have a cylinder/tank to exchange?

Not a Problem, just locate a Valley wide Cooperative cylinder/tank exchange dealer and easily go to the store and get a new propane cylinder/tank and your ready to enjoy.

Valley Wide Cooperative Propane Tank Exchange

Why Valley Wide Coop Cylinder/Tank Exchange?

Our production facilities include state-of-the-art equipment, and people with years of expertise in the propane industry. How do we insure our customers get top quality Propane & cylinder/tanks? We thoroughly clean, leak-test, and inspect every cylinder/tank. We retrofit cylinder/tanks that have outdated components and we requalify cylinder/tanks when needed. It is unfortunate but, not every propane provider does all of that. Valley Wide Cooperative does, so you can grill or use for outdoor heating knowing that you and your family are safe.

Are you looking to expand your retail business?

Selling Valley Wide Cooperative propane is a great way to reach new customers, improve your visibility, and increase foot traffic at your retail location.

How can Valley Wide Cooperative's propane exchange help your business?

$1.36 Billion in Grill Sales in 2019

In 2019, gas barbecue grill sales in the United States amounted to about 1.36 billion U.S. dollars. Gas remains the most popular fuel for grilling, with 61% of grill owners using propane.


How selling propane can benefit you?

If you are running a retail store like a convenience store, home improvement store, or gas station and you have a small outdoor area that is not being utilized, by offering our Propane Tank Exchange you can transform that space into a new source of revenue. If your location has enough space and the demand is there, you could also benefit by having a bulk propane tank on-site for tank refills.


Who offers tank exchanges or refills?

There are a large amount of business that benefit financially every year from offering a propane tank exchange or tank refill.

Do you want to be come one of them?

Contact us Today!

Benefitting Businesses
  • General Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Hardware and Home Improvement Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Grocery Stores
  • Farm & Feed Stores
  • Campgrounds
  • Lumber yards
  • Building Supply Stores
  • Landscape & Stone Business
  • Equipment Rental Business
  • RV Dealers

Are you tired of running out of propane for your forklift?

Valley Wide Cooperative offers a Propane Cylinder/Tank Exchange solution to keep your fork lifts running when you need them. Propane forklifts are common for many types of commercial locations and require a readily available propane supply. We have several options that can meet any need, including a 33lb forklift cylinder/tank exchange option.

Forklift Cylinder/Tank Exchange Benefits

Benefits of having an on site cylinder/tank exchange cage:
• Perfect for a commercial setting with low to moderate monthly propane consumption or where a bulk dispenser cannot be installed.
• Eliminate the need for your employees to stop working to refill cylinders and ensure you have plenty of supply available to keep your business running.
• Valley Wide will supply and maintain cylinders and cages for your location ensuring your equipment is code compliant and in great working condition.


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