Residential Propane

Valley Wide Cooperative is the #1 distributor of propane in the state of Idaho, and your #1 choice for residential propane. We offer automatic propane delivery service to prevent you from running out of propane. Valley Wide Cooperative offers propane appliance repair, installations of underground and above ground tanks, propane tank rentals and propane safety checks. Contact your local Valley Wide energy expert today and make the switch that matters.


Thinking of Switching to Propane?

Are you looking to switch to a clean and efficient fuel? Look no further, Valley Wide Cooperative offers completive and affordable propane options that include services like installations, automatic delivery service, tank monitoring, safety checks, repairs and more. We are ready to help you get started today.


Looking to Switch Propane Providers?

Tired of expensive and unreliable propane providers? Our reliable staff have been servicing our customers for 100+ years and pride our self on customer service and reliability. Our loyal customers, high standards of customer service, and our experienced staff are what allowed us to become the #1 propane provider in the great state of Idaho and a top tier propane provider in the western United States.


Already a Valley Wide Cooperative customer?

Managing your account has never been more easy. Once you’re logged in you can request quotes or deliveries, pay bills or connect with a customer service team member if you have questions. We are ready to help you with any of your propane needs.

Easy and Affordable


We pride ourselves in offering our services and propane at affordable pricing. Whether you are in need of a new propane installation or looking to improve your existing propane system we provide all the services you will need from Installations, Refills, Monitoring, Safety Checks and Repair. In addition to these services, we also offer an automatic propane delivery service so you will never have to worry about running out of propane.

Expert Staff


We’ve been fueling homes, farms and businesses across the western United States for 100+ years. Our employees are experts in dealing with propane and you can count on our experience. With our experienced and dedicated experts you will always be in good hands.



With our experienced propane experts, you can always depend on us! Our Goal is to help you enjoy the comforts of your home, or take away some of the stresses of business by letting Valley WIde Cooperative make sure you always have propane when you need it. Our drivers and technicians keep thousands of homes and business warm with 18 energy locations throughout the western United States.

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