Refined Fuels

Valley Wide Cooperative delivers the highest quality fuel at cost-effective pricing. In addition to pump services at many of our Valley Wide Country Store locations, we provide bulk fuel delivery to farms, job sites, and more.

Refined Fuels

Our Valley Wide Cooperative trained specialists have years of industry knowledge and experience to help you with all of your fuel needs. We offer delivery in Western Idaho, Southern Idaho, Eastern Idaho, and Eastern Oregon. Valley Wide Cooperative delivers fuel to farm, ranch, construction, and industrial sites.

Bulk Fuel Services:

  1. Fuel Tank Delivery & Placement
  2. Fuel Management
  3. Tank Monitor Placement
  4. Keep Full Program

Fuel Products (Available for bulk delivery and at the majority of our Valley Country Store Locations):

E-10 – 85 Octane Unleaded Gasoline
E-10 – 87 Octane Midgrade Gasoline
E-10 – 91 Octane Premium Gasoline
At some locations we offer a Non Ethanol Blended 92 Octane Premium Gasoline

Premium Diesel
Dyed Off-Road Diesel

Bulk Fuels Services

Fuel Tank Delivery and Placement

Petroleum products are the heart and sole of countless industries such as gas stations, trucking fleets, farms, construction and waste management companies just to name a few of the industries that would cease to exist without timely and consistent delivery of gasoline and diesel fuel.

We know that fast and efficient customer service, fuel quality, and price are important factors to consider when choosing a bulk Fuel and/or diesel supplier. With over 100+ years of experience in the fuel industry, We have created an experienced and educated team dedicated to providing your business with industry-leading service and quality at a competitive price.

Fuel Management

How can fuel management help take control of your fuel economy and reduce overall spending?

Using Fuel management allows you to get better visibility into your fuel trends including inefficient or abnormal activity, like idling and theft. with our fuel management you will be able to increase efficiency and reduce your costs making your business more profitable.

Fuel management involves controlling and monitoring fuel consumption and expenses. It can be as simple as a driver checking a fuel gauge to see when to refuel or as expansive as fleet-wide real-time fuel analytics.


Fuel Tank Monitoring & Monitoring Placement

Fuel tank monitoring can be simple, but you should know exactly what you are looking for. You should also know what kinds of tests are permitted in your state.

  • The level of fuel in the tanks should be tested at least once a month.
  • You should know what type of tanks you have and how old they are.
  • Use internal monitoring tools to help measure your fuel levels.
  • Take inventory of fuel levels often, but keep in mind that doing this won’t help you catch small leaks.
  • Never use metal sticks for tank measuring.

Keep It Full Fuel Program

Kick back, relax, and let Valley Wide Cooperative take care of your fuel refill. When you sign up for our industry-­leading Keep It Full program, We estimate your propane usage and automatically schedule a delivery when our system indicates you need a refill.

So that you can spend less time checking your your tank levels or on the phone calling for deliveries which gives you more time to focus on what matters to you.

Fuel Products
Unleaded Fuel

Gasoline We Offer

Octane is the measure of how much compression a fuel can withstand before igniting. Or, in other words, the higher the octane rating, the less likely the fuel is going to pre-ignite at higher pressures and damage your engine. That’s why performance cars with higher compression engines require higher octane (premium) fuel. In essence, higher octane fuels are compatible with higher compression engines that can increase efficiency and performance while potentially reducing emissions by combusting the fuel more completely.

E-10 – 85 Octane Unleaded Gasoline
E-10 – 87 Octane Midgrade Gasoline
E-10 – 91 Octane Premium Gasoline
At some locations we offer a Non Ethanol Blended 92 Octane Premium Gasoline.

E-10 is gasoline with 10% ethanol content while the 85-92 are the Octane ratings.

Diesel Fuel We Offer

Premium Diesel

A premium diesel has a higher cetane number, better lubricity and includes detergents that provide injector-cleaning capability versus standard #2 diesel. Cetane measures a fuel’s ignition delay. Higher cetane equals a shorter delay and better ignition quality for quicker start-ups and less pollution. Lubricity improver is used to reduce the friction and wear of fuel pump and injector components under pressure, which extends the life of the fuel pump and reduces downtime. Detergents keep fuel injectors clean for optimal engine performance.

Dyed Off-Road Diesel/Red Diesel

Red Diesel is Off-road diesel, in the United States this fuel is denoted with a red dye. The dye marks this as fuel for off-road equipment and vehicles and as such it doesn’t have road fuel taxes included in the price. This dye takes a great deal of clear fuel to dilute so it makes it very obvious if an on-road vehicle has been using off-road untaxed fuel. Tax authorities can and do check for vehicles using off-road red diesel in on-road vehicles.

Dyed Diesel Uses:

  • Farming equipment such as combines, tractors, and other unlicensed equipment used off-road
  • Construction equipment such as backhoes, cranes, welders and front-end loaders
  • Home heating
  • Refrigeration units on trailers with a separate supply tank
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