Valley Wide Cooperative Carbon Exempt Fuel Card

Fuel Card

At Valley Wide Cooperative, Washington customers can now purchase CCA Fee exempt fuel at select Valley Wide Cooperative fuel Stations. Please review the information below to ensure your eligibility to utilize this program.

Why do I need a Carbon Exempt fuel card from Valley Wide Cooperative?

The card allows exempt customers to purchase fuel at the pumps without the CCA fee.

Will this card work at non Valleywide fuel stations?

No, this is proprietary card specific to Valley Wide Cooperative fuel stations.

Do I still need my Valley Wide Cooperative CFN card?

Yes, you will need your CFN card for non-exempt fuel purchases.

If I choose to just use my CFN card, can I still get reimbursed for the carbon fee?

No, in an effort to standardize a single process for our customers, the reimbursement program will be become unnecessary and be discontinued.

How do I know which card to use?

CFN cards will continue to be used for non-exempt fuel purchases while the “Exempt Card” must only be used for exempt eligible purchases as outlined by the Washington DOE. Please refer to RCW 82.04.213 for definitions to determine proper fuel usage for exemptions.

What do I need to consider before purchasing exempt fuel with the “Exempt Card”?

You are responsible for purchasing fuel in accordance with the CCA regulations as outlined by the Washington DOE. Misuse could lead to penalties.

Do I need to keep any records of my usage?

Yes, If Valley Wide is audited for carbon exempt fuel sales, you could be required to provide information to support your exempt fuel usage.


Please fill out the information below. If you need an Ag Transport fuel card, you must provide a list of ag products that you plan on transporting with purchases made using the Ag Transport fuel card. For definitions to determine fuel usage, please refer to RCW 82.04.213

You must have a Valley Wide exemption form on file prior to submitting for a fuel card.





    Fuel Card Details

    • What can I expect from future fuel purchases?
      • Valley Wide will deliver tanker and tank wagon loads of fuel directly to exempt customers without the CCA fee included in the price.
    • How do I know if I am exempt?
    • How do I submit an exemption certificate?
      • Complete the online form found HERE. This form is intended to be evergreen and remain on file with Valley Wide but may require annual updates based on amendments to the program from the Washington Dept. of Ecology.
        • Still need to have the newest version of the form added to the site.
        • Should there be some type of “what now” communication associated with the submission, maybe in the line already on the Forms page? Maybe I can add it to the email response that they receive from the e-signature also.
          • Ex: Thank you for completing… For future fuel orders please let your Valley Wide representative (Sales Person, Office Staff, Driver, etc.) know that the delivery request is for fuel exempt from CCA fees.
    • What about the fuel that I have purchased after January 1, 2023 that included the CCA fee?
      • No problem, Valley Wide will reimburse you for eligible purchases where the CCA fee was charged.
      • How do I request a reimbursement?
        • Ensure you have an Exemption Certificate on file with Valley Wide cooperative. Click HERE to complete exemption certificate now. Should hyperlink directly to the form with e-sign, not the page with the reimbursement request to avoid confusion.
        • Complete the Reimbursement Request Form found HERE. May need to add an option in the “Months” drop down to include multiple months or maybe a line just for fuel purchased Jan 1st 2023 through May 15th 2023?
          • If you need assistance compiling purchase history please contact your local Valley Wide contact (Sales Person, Office Staff, etc.) Maybe link to “locations” on VWC website?
        • When will I receive my reimbursement?
          • Once a request is submitted, Valley Wide will ensure accuracy of information and work with our suppliers <could we add a little <hover over popup on the site with the following or is it even needed at all> (they are the Party Responsible for reporting purchases and assessing the fee on gallons combusted in Washington) to process the reimbursement based on CCA fee price values at time of delivery.
          • As soon as the reimbursement is processed from our fuel suppliers, Valley Wide Cooperative will issue a reimbursement to you. (In the form of: account credit or check)???
    • Lastly, mumbo jumbo about thank you for your patience during this process, thank your for choosing Valley Wide, etc. etc. ?