Are you in need of a Water Heater, Furnace, Heater, Stove, Fireplace, Outdoor Fire Pit or a Specialized Custom Fit Appliance?
Look no further, Valley Wide Cooperative Energy has you covered with everything you will need from standardized appliances to specialized custom fit options.

















Brands We Offer
Water Heaters

Residential Water Heaters

Make choosing the right water heater easy with Valley Wide Cooperative.
Our professional representatives will help you make selecting the right Water Heat easy and painless while giving you a great price.

Commercial Water Heaters

Make sure your commercial location has hot water when they need it.
Commercial water heaters are typically larger capacity water heaters over 100 gallons but do not exceed 250 gallons. They can be setup with multiple water heaters for the larger applications. Some of the Commercial applications include:  Hotels, restaurants, schools, stadiums, shopping centers, universities, public buildings, and other similar locations.

Tankless Water Heaters

Having hot water whenever your family needs it shouldn’t be a luxury.

Tankless Water Heaters are also referred to as instantaneouscontinuous flowinlineflashon-demand, or instant-on water heaters. The biggest advantages of tankless water heaters are the practically limitless continuous flow of hot water (as compared to a limited flow of continuously heated hot water from conventional tank water heaters), and potential energy savings, and the elimination of standby energy losses since there is no hot water tank.


Gas Furnaces

Keeping your house warm and comfortable. 
There are many factors to consider when choosing a natural gas or propane furnace for your home, including size, efficiency, BTU rating and more. The best furnace for your neighbor may not be the right size for your home. For your ideal comfort, it’s important to consult with a qualified professional to ensure your HVAC system delivers the efficiency and durability you expect


Vent-Free Heaters

Evenly heat your room to your comfort level.
Vent-Free Convector Heaters push heat to the farthest reaches of the room, evenly warming larger spaces. They are efficient nd work great for hard-to-heat rooms, maximizing cost savings and comfort for your home.

Unit Heaters

Are you looking to heat your warehouse, garage, or other larger high ceiling areas?
Unit Heaters are designed for use in larger space heating applications. They are typically used in areas with high ceilings, and are exposed in the space to be heated. Gas unit heaters offer low installed cost, and are able to heat large volume areas without requiring extensive duct systems.

Radiant Heaters

Spot heating at its best.
Radiant heating is a technology for heating indoor and outdoor areas. Radiant heating applications may include: Outdoor Living Spaces, Bars, Restaurants, Barns, Pole Barns, Chicken Coops, Chicken Houses, Cow-Sheds, Granaries, Pigpens, Sheds, Stables, Well houses, and more. Switching to Radiant Infrared heating will save you on your monthly heating bills which translate to an increase bottom line

Tube Heaters

Safely keep your building warm.
Unless otherwise indicated, tube heaters are designed and certified for use in industrial and commercial buildings, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, aircraft hangars and vehicle maintenance shops.

Patio Heaters

Keep warm while you enjoy your outdoor living spaces.
Like any other form of heater, a patio heater uses fuel of some kind to keep a space warm. Patio heaters are designed for outdoor use, though they may also be suitable for covered porches, patios, and similar spaces depending on manufacturer specifications.


Freestanding Gas Stoves

Are you looking to add or replace your gas stove?

Freestanding gas stoves do not require a chimney and instead can be vented directly through a wall or the roof. This allows for greater flexibility when deciding where to install a gas stove. We can supply a large array of gas stoves that range in styling from modern and contemporary to traditional and classic that allows you to find the look that best suits your needs, décor, and desired aesthetic.

Gas Ranges

We can help make buying a new gas range easy.
Thanks to our great relationships with our vendors, we are able to offer our customers just about any style, size or type of gas Range you are looking for. Let one of our experienced and professional representatives help make finding your gas range easy and hassle free.

Fireplaces & Inserts

Gas Fireplaces

Relax by the fire with a easy to use Gas Fireplace.
There are a large variety of Gas Fireplaces available, they can be slim and linear-shaped, large, small, traditional, and even able to be enjoyed from more than one room. Gas Fireplaces are versatile, they can be installed nearly anywhere you wish. They are efficient and safe to use, providing heat and light in the event of a power failure. Gas Fireplaces include Direct Vent Units that vent combustion gasses directly outside, Vent Free Units that use the indoor air to fuel the combustion process and vent safely into the room, and units that replace existing masonry fireplace openings called Fireplace Inserts. Gas Fireplaces can have the look and feel of a real wood fire without any of the work or mess. They can also create a glittering focal point to a room with unique ember beds that incorporate rocks and crystals. With so many options there will definitely be a Gas Fireplace to meet your décor needs.

Fireplace Inserts

Heat you house more efficiently by converting your traditionally fire place with a Fireplace Insert.
Fireplace inserts are a more efficient heat source than traditional fireplaces. The increased efficiency is due to the design of a fireplace insert creating a closed combustion system. In a closed combustion system, the device takes the air required for combustion from an outside source, recirculates the hot air, and allows it to escape through a duct (commonly referred to as a flue). This system allows for clean burning of your chosen fuel source and optimal heat efficiency.

A traditional fireplace only converts about 20% of its fuel into usable heat, with some older fireplaces being as low as 5-10%.  The closed combustion system of a fireplace insert can be 60-80% efficient.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Enjoy your outdoor living spaces even in the cold with an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit.
Having a outdoor fire pit combines warmth and ambiance to bring family and friends together and make outdoor entertaining memorable. They can range from lightweight metal bowls that set up anywhere to fixed masonry wells that are a gather-round feature on a patio or a patch of grass, fire pits extend the outdoor-living season in style.

Custom Appliances

Specialized Custom Fit Appliances

Are you looking to go beyond the standard options?
We offer specialized custom fit appliance setups for just about every appliance need you can think of from fire pits to water heaters and more. Thanks to our dedicated, professional, and experienced employees and our industry leading vendors, we have almost limitless possibilities with the types of products and services we can offer our customers.

How to contact us about getting an appliance?

If you are interested in any of our appliances please contact one of our professionals to get a quote.

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